12 Best Shopify Search Apps - [2024]
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12 Best Shopify Search Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 13, 2023

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Doofinder - Product Search Bar & Filters
Doofinder - Product Search Bar & Filters
Product Filter & Search
Product Filter & Search
Smart Search & Instant Search
Smart Search & Instant Search
Smart Product Filter & Search
Smart Product Filter & Search
Instant Search & Smart Filters
Instant Search & Smart Filters
Expertrec Smart Search Bar
Expertrec Smart Search Bar
Live Search & Smart Search
Live Search & Smart Search
Product Filter & Search ~Sparq
Product Filter & Search ~Sparq
Omega Instant Search
Omega Instant Search
Klevu Search
Klevu Search
Instant Search & Filter
Instant Search & Filter
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When customers can’t see the products they’re looking for on your store immediately, they do one of two things: they leave, or they do a search. If you don’t have a search facility on your website, then you can often find that conversions are low. That’s why it is always best to have one of the Shopify search apps installed on your store.

What Can Shopify Search Apps Do?

Shopify search apps can take your customer’s queries and draw up a list of potential matches with your products. Each app can complete the search differently. For instance, you can have an app that uses product tags to return search results, others might use the description and others might use just the product name.

There are also a varied output of results. Some Shopify search apps will only output results after the customer has entered all of their search query and pressed ‘search’. Others will give a ‘live’ return of results. This is when results are shown as the customer is typing out their search query.

There’s no standard option that’s better than the other. Live search can be highly successful, but some customers might not like the constant changing suggestions underneath. Alternatively, standard search outputs might infuriate customers who want a quick response but have to wait for results.

Key Takeaways
Search apps vary in functionality, from tag-based results to live search features.
Understanding customer search behavior through app statistics is crucial for business growth.
AI-powered search features enhance accuracy and user experience.

Best Shopify Search Apps For Your Store:

Filter between free and paid

Expertrec Smart Search Bar

Expertrec Smart Search Bar

Expertrec is an advanced custom search bar that helps customers to search their products on their online Shopify store quickly and effortlessly.

The search app consists of smart and relevant filters, facets, and sorting that let customers navigate through search results with ease by drilling down products based on brand, category, price, and more attributes.

Expertrec smart search algorithm learns from the user behavior based on the search queries and re-ranks the results in the top search positions. This helps to enhance the customer’s site search experience.

Expertrec smart search also allows you to customize your search results UI by changing color, search size, padding, alignment, font size, etc. according to your website to provide a beautiful search experience to the customers.

Expertrec search engine supports multiple devices, 30+ languages, and indexes all file formats such as pdf, word, excel, etc.

Expertrec Smart Search Bar Highlights:

  • Fast and relevant search results with auto-complete, typo-tolerance, and voice search
  • Intelligent and Advanced Search Algorithms
  • Displays best performing search queries
  • Custom crawler
  • Easy and quick setup with a 14-day free trial



Sometimes it’s harder for customers to type a description of what they’re looking for. Or the search term they’re using refers to so many options, it just returns thousands of results. However, the customer might have seen a product on Facebook, on a blog or another medium and have an image of it that they want to use to find the product. So, like Google, you can offer searches based on images.

Customers can use images they’ve taken from other sites or your social media to now search for a products on your store. The store’s search function will then return a list of potential matches. It is a simple, free, powerful tool that can help customers find what they need.

Simile | Smart Visual Search Highlights:

  • Doesn’t rely on product tags or descriptions, but on the visual look of the product.
  • Customers can use a wide variety of images from those on their phones to images taken from blogs, websites, social media or more.
  • Easy to install and use the app.
  • A free app.

Omega Instant Search

Omega Instant Search

Omega Search has the search functionality to help your customers find the products they’re searching for. The app developers have created an app that uses search engine technology to create a better search function that can deliver the best results in very little time, the customer will think it is instant.

The app can automatically complete the search query as it offers a search as you type drop-down menu into the search bar. This can save the customer time and offers a great option to improve experience. It can also correct misspelt words. Customers can also search through all products, collections, pages and blog posts within one query, therefore, they can search for more without leaving the page.

This app is free for stores that have a small (less than 500 products) catalog. Stores with more products can be placed on a paid plan after they complete a free trial.

Omega Instant Search Highlights:

  • Free for those stores that have less than 500 products.
  • Can complete search terms for the customer.
  • Offers autocorrect functionality.
  • Adds filtering options to the collections page.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Shopify Search Apps Functionality

Importance of Advanced Search Features

Advanced search features are crucial for e-commerce success. They help customers find products quickly, improving their shopping experience.

Features like filters on collections, search results pages, and merchandising tools can significantly boost conversions.

Choosing the Right Search App

Selecting the best search app for your Shopify store involves considering various factors, which helps in tailoring your store to meet customer needs effectively.

Look for apps that offer instant product filtering, smart search suggestions, and analytics to understand customer behavior.

Maximizing Conversions with Smart Search

Smart search functionalities, such as autocorrection, synonyms, and live product suggestions, are essential.

They not only enhance user experience but also play a vital role in increasing conversion rates.

Implementing these features can lead to a more intuitive and efficient search process.

Optimizing Store Performance with Shopify Search Apps

Understanding Customer Search Behavior

Analyzing customer search behavior is vital for store optimization.

Use search analytics to understand what customers are looking for and adjust your inventory and marketing strategies accordingly.

Integrating AI in Search

AI-powered search features, like typo tolerance and instant suggestions, can significantly enhance search accuracy and relevance.

These features ensure that customers find exactly what they’re looking for, even with spelling errors or vague search terms.

Merchandising and Upselling Strategies

Effective merchandising and upselling strategies can be implemented through search apps.

By promoting related products and special offers in search results, you can increase average order value and overall sales.

Conclusion: Top 12 Shopify Search Apps

Customers want to find their products fast on your store. When you offer lots of products, this can be challenging, even with the best product filtering and organization on your store. That is why using one of the top Shopify search apps can be a great help. There are numerous ones to choose from, which one will you use?

  • Can Shopify search apps suggest products based on user behavior?

    Many Shopify search apps have the capability to suggest products based on user behavior. This feature helps in personalizing the shopping experience and boosting sales.

  • Can I track user search behavior with Shopify search apps?

    Yes, Shopify search apps often include analytics features to track user search behavior. This data is valuable for understanding customer needs and optimizing your inventory.

  • Can Shopify search apps handle large inventories?

    Yes, most Shopify search apps are designed to efficiently handle large inventories. They offer advanced filtering and sorting options to manage extensive product ranges.

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