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The Top 9 Shopify Barcode Apps  – [2023]

The Top 9 Shopify Barcode Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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If you operate a physical and online store, or if you create and sell your own products, you’ll want to have a barcode on your product’s packaging. There are many advantages to this. Firstly, it allows you to keep a tighter reign on your business’ inventory. When products are bought, they can be scanned and this automatically changes your stock levels. This prevents you from overselling your stock that can undermine customer confidence in your brand.
Another problem that having your own barcodes can solve is that for small businesses making their own products, barcodes provide a professional look. Customers will think more highly of your products and this can help with sales.

Why Do You Need One Of The Shopify Barcode Apps?

There are many free barcode generators online and other premium solutions across the world. The problem is that these barcode solutions don’t necessarily decrease your workload. They can actually increase it for you. When the barcode is generated, you might need to pay for someone to print the labels and you will need to enter those barcodes onto your system.

Shopify Barcode apps often have different functions with them that allow you to monitor stock levels and track items based on the barcode. By using third-party generators, you might lose this control and this can make running your business more challenging.

There are nine, quality, apps on Shopify that can help you run your business with barcodes. We’ve listed them here.

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Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels

Retail Barcode Labels is a great, low cost, Shopify app that allows you to create, assign and print barcodes for all your products. Creating barcodes and assigning them to specific products is really easy and can be done inside your Shopify store management screen. With each barcode, you can design unique labels that can include the barcode, SKU code, price and product name. There are numerous designs that you can take advantage of.

Once you’ve created the design for your barcode labels, you can print them from any printer. Even using secure air-printing from mobile devices. However, it is best if you use Avery or Dymo as these are specialist label printing products.

While this is a free app, it does offer you exactly what you need if you want to include barcodes as part of your Shopify store’s products.

Retail barcode Labels Highlights:

  • Create unique labels that include a range of information about your products.
  • Print labels from a wide range of printers.
  • Improve your stock management and inventory control.
  • A free Shopify app.

Free Online Barcode Generator

Free Online Barcode Generator

If you’re looking for a way to generate a free barcode, then this is the simple tool that you need. It isn’t technically one of the Shopify barcode apps, as it is a tool, but it is designed by Shopify to help you create barcodes. All you need to do is to enter your email address and the text/data you want to appear along with your barcode. Submit the information and you will get a new barcode that can be downloaded and printed.

This free tool is very useful, but you would need to have an app in order to manage these barcodes on your store.

Free Online Barcode Generator Highlights:

  • A free online tool for you to create barcodes for your products.
  • Download and print them off.
  • Include lots of data with your barcode.
  • Created by Shopify.

Final Thoughts: The Top Shopify Barcode Apps For Your Store

There are numerous Shopify barcode apps that you can use on your store. Many of them have lots of great features that make it easier for you to manage your stock and process orders quicker. This can mean you are spending less time fulfilling orders and more time promoting your brand and delighting customers with excellent customer service. Which app will you choose for your store?

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