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Top 10 Shopify Gift Registry Apps – [2023]

Last modified: April 23, 2023

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Buying wedding, birthday or other gifts for a loved one can be hard. Do you know what they want? Do you know if anyone else is getting them the same thing? Your customers are probably experiencing the same problem. Since the internet has developed, however, there has been a move to gift registry solutions. This is when the recipient tells their friends what they would like and friends can select what they’re buying off the list. This is easily done with one of the numerous Shopify gift registry apps.

What Can Shopify Gift Registry Apps Do?

A customer can go onto your store and then register their interest in a selection of products and store those on a wishlist. Then the customer can share that wishlist with friends and family who use it to make a selection about what to buy. For the majority of them, they will buy it directly off your store.

Therefore, this is a great way to increase revenues for your brand without much effort. All you need to do is to attract one person and you can gather several new customers.

So, what are the best Shopify gift registry apps available? Here’s our selection.

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Ask to Buy

Ask to Buy

This isn’t exactly a gift registry, but it has the same feature. It can be used for a customer to select a product and then send it to someone to request it as a gift. The process is rather simple, the customer can add the products to the cart, then pre-fills the checkout details. Then the shopper sends this to the person paying for the goods. The payer is then directed to the pre-filled checkout pages and all they need to do is enter their payment details.

This is a free, simple app that can help grow sales. But it doesn’t have the large features that other apps might have on the list. However, if you’ve got a small catalog of one or two products, it might be a great option for you.

Ask to Buy Highlights:

  • An easy to install and use app.
  • Great for stores that have customers who are often under the age of 17.
  • Great for stores that can sell gifts to individuals.
  • A free app.

Listfully Wishlist

Listfully Wishlist

Listfully is a great wishlist and registry solution for your store. It allows you to outsource the job to the app developer and gives the customers freedom to compile gift lists to share with their friends and family. On every product detail page, a new button will be added that allows customers to add the product to a wish list.

On the Listfully website, the customer can manage their lists with ease. They can then share them with friends and families so they can get the gifts they want for their special occasion. Friends and families can also reserve the gifts, so there aren’t double purchases.

Those purchasing the lists won’t need to join Listfully, they only need to be connected to someone who has an account with the developer.

As an app user, you can get a partner dashboard. This allows you to see a detailed overview of all the listed products. You can find out what products are in most demand and which ones are more likely to be purchased by friends and family.

Listfully Wishlist Highlights:

  • Free app that connects to a third-party service.
  • Only available in English.
  • Easy to share wishlists with friends and family.
  • Detailed statistics to help you with marketing plans in the long term.

+Wishfinity Universal Wishlist

+Wishfinity Universal Wishlist

This app allows your customers to bookmark your product pages with ease. Therefore they can return later and easily add the products to a cart to complete a purchase. This reduces the long term abandoned cart rate and improves revenues for your store. This app can also work across numerous stores. This has proven to help bring customers back because they can manage just one wishlist and make purchases as and when they want to and to keep track of everything.

In addition, this app helps you expose your brand to a larger market thanks to the sharing features of the app. The customer can easily share their wishlist and just single products on your store with their friends and family. This free, organic marketing is a great way to grow revenues and profits on your site.

+Wishfinity Universal Wishlist Highlights:

  • Adds the +Wishfinity button to your store so customers can add your products to their wishlist.
  • A free app that uses a third party service to manage wishlists.
  • Customers are sent back to your store, even if others have the same product.
  • Allow for free organic marketing.



Allow customers to add any product from your store to a universal wishlist. This can then be used as a registry for baby birthdays, wedding, Christmas wishlists and more. The wishlists are highly social, whenever an item is added to their wishlist, the customer’s friends are notified by social media. Therefore, it is a great way to get lots of new sales and be seen across social media for free.

What is different with this app is that their friends don’t have to pay for the entire product. All their friends can contribute into a money pot. Therefore, there is more chance that some of your high ticket products are chosen within the wishlist.

This app is free for you to install and use on your store. And it can be a great way to increase profits and revenues without much investment.

Wishtack Highlights:

  • A free app that uses a third party service to manage wishlists.
  • Customers can collect contributions from friends in order to purchase gifts.
  • Customer’s friends are notified via social media of new items added to a wishlist.
  • Lots of opportunities to gain a lot of new exposure for your brand.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Gift Registry Apps

These Shopify gift registry apps will allow you to build a strong gift wishlist setting that will attract those who are looking for a specific set of products for a special occasion. There are numerous apps that can help you with this, the question is just which one will you choose to use?

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