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13 Best Shopify Product Importer Apps [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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When you start your Shopify store, you might have moved from another platform. This can sometimes cause you a headache as you have to recreate all your previous products on your new platform. If you’ve got a small catalog, this isn’t going to be a problem. However, if you’re a large online retailer, this is going to take a significant amount of time. That is unless you use of the numerous Shopify product importer apps.

What Are Shopify Product Importer Apps?

There are many Shopify product importer apps available online. Some are free and others are not. Each of the apps have different functionalities as some are designed to import your products via other sites, previous sites and from other services. They can import text, images and even reviews. However, it does always depend on the app that you’re using and sometimes whether you’re on a premium plan or not.

There are many reasons why you might want to use a product importer. Firstly, it can save you significant time. Every product automatically created on your store, is time that you can spend promoting your website to customers. In addition, by importing it, either from previous stores you’ve owned, or from manufacturers, you can improve accuracy as copying information can often lead to typos and other mistakes.

Finally, another advantage is that you can keep certain product formats similar, as well as any language used. Therefore, customers get a consistent branding throughout your site. The biggest disadvantage you might have is when it comes to importing from a third party website, as duplicate content might harm SEO rankings. However, you could import content from third party sites, then change it on the individual pages as you need. This can still save you time.

You should always look to customize your content, a quick few changes can drastically improve your website’s conversion rate. For instance, some small changes can reduce bounce rates by 40%. There are seven main ways you can customize your product descriptions from competitors, each with thier own advantages and disadvantages. But all seven can really improve your conversion rate.

So, what are the top Shopify product importer apps for your store? Check out our favorite choices for the best of the best.

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eBay Professional Importer

eBay Professional Importer

Many online stores start by selling their products on Amazon and/or eBay. This is logical. They are large eCommerce websites that are very successful, trusted by customers and offer a cost effective way to get started selling products. However, you do have to pay large commissions and other fees with these sellers.

Therefore, you’re likely to find that at some point you’ll want to move away from these stores. This is where apps like eBay Professional Importer can help. The app allows you to import all your products from the eBay seller account directly onto your Shopify website. This includes high-resolution images. If you continue to use eBay, then product prices and stock levels can be synced.

The price for the app is free, but there are charges for maintenance of the products and importing of products.

Ebay Professional Importer:

  • Import all products and their variants in one quick process.
  • Free to install app and can trial a few products for free.
  • Can flag products you don’t want to move from eBay to Shopify.
  • Import all high-resolution images.



The MULTICHANNEL IMPORTER does more than just import your products from one eCommerce channel. It allows you to import from many different changes such as eBay, Amazon, Wish, Walmart and Etsy. All the details from the product can be imported in one go and this includes the images, inventory, description, price and other aspects.

Once products have been imported, they can be instantly available on your store. In addition, you can be sure that you can showcase the best of your products with excellent, numerous images to impress customers.

As you sell products on your Shopify store, you can also synchronize their prices and stock levels with the other marketplaces. Therefore, you never sell more than what you have and can’t provide to your customers. This syncing can be done on a daily basis to help you keep on top of your inventory.


  • Can manage and fulfill orders with FBA.
  • Can import from numerous different marketplaces.
  • Sync your product prices and stock levels on numerous different marketplaces.
  • Free to install, but costs can be applied during processes.

Xpert Importer

Xpert Importer

This product importer allows you to import products from your Amazon Seller’s account. It includes all the information you need to help you sell your products including descriptions, high resolution images and any variations. You can sync stock levels and prices on a regular basis with this app.

The app is free to install on your website but there are additional costs when it comes to all actions the programming takes on your website. If you want to stop selling products on your Shopify store, you can flag them to prevent future importing.

Xpert Importer Highlights:

  • Free to install on your website.
  • Import all information on your Amazon products.
  • Sync your products for better management of pricing and stock levels.
  • Costs to take actions (imports, syncing, etc.)

Woo Importer

Woo Importer

For those who are used to a WooCommerce website and want to move over to a Shopify store, this is an app you might want to consider. There are many benefits of using this app, including the fact that not only can you import products, but you can also import customer orders, reviews and customer accounts in just a few clicks.

This can save you lots of time. In addition, when importing products from one platform to another, there is often the problem that there are several broken links. This is easily resolved with Woo Importer. The app automatically takes action to find and resolve broken links to improve customer experience. This also helps with SEO as broken links can harm reputation.

Woo Importer Highlights:

  • App is free and first 20 products is free. After this, prices start from $4.99.
  • Import customer information, customer orders, reviews in addition to product information.
  • Send activation links to previous customers so they can start using their old account on your new platform.
  • Fix broken links after importing products.

Final Thoughts: What Are The Best Shopify Product Importer Apps?

There are many Shopify product importer apps that are available on the platform. These can help you migrate from previous shopping platforms you’ve used before or start a new store using products available on other platforms as a quick way to get started. The one you need to install is very dependent on your circumstances and what the app can do for you. Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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