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10 Best Apps to Get Shopify Product Tabs – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Shopify Product Tabs are a great way for you to present a lot of information to your audience in a simple, easy-to-read concept. Each tab used on a product can house different information like FAQs, product specifications, reviews and more.

By using Shopify product tabs, you can build a lot of information on a website without having the page too long. This makes it more engaging for audiences and therefore can lead to higher conversions.

What Are You Looking For In Shopify Product Tabs App

When you want to implement Shopify product tabs to your website, you’ll want an app that has several features. Firstly, you want one that is mobile-friendly. This allows you to keep tabs on all devices, and can help with load times and mobile engagement.

You’ll also want to have an app that can offer multiple tabs for your site. The information you can include on tabs is wide, but you don’t want to just divide it into two or three tabs, you’ll want to divide it into relevant information (reviews, FAQs, product specifications).

So, which apps do we recommend for your Shopify product tabs? Here is a list of ten of the best apps for your Shopify store.

Filter between free and paid

Free Tabs

Free Tabs

Free tabs is an app that allows you to employ tabs on your site with ease. Each tab is beautifully rendered with a sleek design and professional UI/UX. You can organize everything about your product, from a description to shipping information, in easy-to-navigate tabs on the page.

To distinguish between different tabs, all you need to do is use a header in the product description. This will automatically tell the browser to display a new tab with the header becoming the title of the tab. The content between the headers is the content in the tab.

This app is completely responsive. So the tabs will display perfectly on any device/browser. Installation is really simple. Just click and install. You don’t need any special coding knowledge. And if you like to have reviews, there are lots of options to integrate them automatically into tabs.

Free Tabs Highlights:

  • Highly responsive app, allows content to be seen on any device.
  • Easy to configure information to be put into tabs.
  • Can integrate with review apps.
  • Free app, keeping the costs of running your website down.

Final Word: The Top 10 Apps To Get Shopify Product Tabs

Shopify product tabs are a great way to organize your product’s details on pages for easier reading. There are lots of available options when it comes to installing an app to create Shopify product tabs on your store. They can also offer other benefits for your store. This can include adding FAQs elsewhere on your website and turning your site into a highly converting site with the help of videos, images and more information. So, which app for Shopify product tabs will you use?

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