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How to Email Customers on Shopify

Last modified: December 2, 2021

How to Email Customers on Shopify
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When a customer places an order on your store, there are many details taken by the checkout for the successful processing of the order. These details are added to your store’s customer list. Part of these details will often be an email address, though certain Shopify apps, will allow you to change this to a mobile number instead.

There are many uses for these details. The email address, for instance, can be used to contact customers about complicated shipping information or for building a future relationship that is successful at gaining you more revenue.

You might also want to have a new customer group that you reward because they’re more loyal to you. Or you can send out discounts to specific groups of your audience based on the past purchases that they’ve made.

Finally, you might want to build trust with your audience by sending out review request emails to your past customers. Review requests can be customized so you can include more information about the order to the customer to make it more convincing.

Whatever the reason for contacting the customers, you need to send an email. So, here are the instructions on how to send an email to your customers.

Step 1: Log in

Log into your Shopify store.

Step 2: Select Customers

Now you need to select the ‘Customers’ tab that can be found in the left-hand menu.

Step 3: Select Customer

Now you can select the customer that you would like to contact by clicking on their name in the list that appears.

Step 4: Choose Email Address

You should see all the details of the customer that is present on your system. Included within this information is the email address of the customer. Choose the email address.

Step 5: Edit Email

You will now be presented with an email creation area. This is a simple area that allows you to create and send an email to your customer. You can edit and update many aspects of this including the subject line and the content of the email.

Check your email over carefully to ensure there are no spelling mistakes or factual errors.

If you would like to have a copy of the message that was sent to the customer, add your email address to the recipients’ list but do this in the bbc box. This will send you a copy of the email but it will also hide that fact from the customer.

Step 6: Review

Check what your email will look like to your customers with the ‘Preview’ button within the creation screen. This will show you how your customer will see. If there are any changes that need to be made you can click on the ‘Back’ option but if you’re happy with the email, you can click on the ‘Send’ button. Once clicked, the email is gone.

Final Word: How to Email Customers on Shopify

When it comes to emailing your customers, it is easy to do on Shopify. Follow the instructions above and you can send emails to your customers with ease. Alternatively, you can use many email marketing apps. And if you would like better management of your customers, you can use this app.

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