How to Negotiate Better Rates for Guest Posts on Your Shopify Store [2024]
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How to Negotiate Better Rates for Guest Posts on Your Shopify Store

Last modified: September 26, 2023

How to Negotiate Better Rates for Guest Posts on Your Shopify Store
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One of the best ways that you can earn more money from your Shopify store is for you to have guest posts on your Shopify store. Not only does it allow you to get a better ranking and attract a wider audience, but charging for the privilege of being published on your site can be very lucrative.

Rates that you can charge will depend on several factors. One can be the amount of marketing that you can attract within a set period of time on your website. Another is the amount of revenue that you can generate for the guest author or how much you can impact the ranking of the guest host’s website.

Most brands can start off with a rate that is about $20-$30 per post. However, some sites can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars for one piece of content.

So how can you negotiate a better rate for guest posts on Shopify? Here are several ways that you can improve the rate you can charge for guest posting on Shopify.

Key Takeaways
Guest posts enhance your store’s credibility and boost SEO.
Mastering negotiation leads to better rates and higher-quality content.
Effective negotiation is about understanding, preparation, and building long-term relationships.
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1. Check Traffic Levels

The more traffic that you can attract to your website within 48 hours of a post being published, the more you can charge. You can use Google Analytics or another app that can track your website’s traffic to find out how many people are visiting your website within a set period of time.

You’re also able to see what behaviors customers are taking. If they’re only visiting your product pages and not the blog, then your value is limited. Therefore, you need to show that your blog reaches more people.

2. Large Social Media Following

Another way to increase your rate is to increase the number of followers that you have on social media. If you have thousands of followers you’re worth a lot more than if you have just a couple of hundred. Therefore, try to promote your brand on Instagram and Facebook and attract more followers.

One tactic is to use Facebook ads to grow your following on that platform. Another option is to follow ten people on Instagram every day. You will often find that half of them will follow you back. Ensure that they are relevant people, those who are using similar hashtags or interests to you.

3. Show Benefits

If you can show there are benefits to guest posting on your website, then you can raise the price you charge. Some of the benefits you should be looking for include:

  • Number of new subscribers to an email marketing list.
  • Number of customers a guest poster can get.
  • How many more people subscribe to their mailing list.
  • How much traffic can a guest poster see as a result of publishing on your content.
  • The average sale after publishing on your website.

Some of this information needs to be collected from those who’ve previously visited your website. You might always get this information or it can take time. However, there are also ways that you can track behavior on your website.

Keep Reading

Mastering Negotiation for Guest Posts

Guest posts are more than just content on your Shopify store. They bring in a new audience, enhance your store’s credibility, and can significantly boost your SEO. When negotiating rates, always keep in mind the long-term benefits that a high-quality guest post can bring.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

The eCommerce landscape is ever-evolving. To stay ahead, it’s crucial to continuously learn and adapt. Whether it’s mastering the art of negotiation, exploring new marketing strategies, or understanding the latest eCommerce trends, always be on the lookout for ways to enhance your Shopify store’s success.

Effective Strategies for Negotiation

Negotiation is an art, and mastering it can lead to better rates and higher-quality content. Always be prepared before entering a negotiation. Understand the other party’s needs, be clear about your own, and be willing to compromise. Remember, a successful negotiation is where both parties feel they’ve gained something.

Understanding the Other Party’s Perspective

Effective negotiation is all about understanding the other party’s needs and concerns. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can find common ground and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Preparation is Key

Before entering any negotiation, it’s essential to be well-prepared. Research the other party, understand market rates, and have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. This will give you an edge and help you negotiate better terms.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Negotiation is not just about getting the best deal but building long-term relationships. By establishing trust and understanding, you can foster long-lasting collaborations that benefit both parties.

Maximizing the Benefits of Guest Posts

Once you’ve secured a guest post, it’s essential to maximize its benefits. Promote the post across your social media channels, engage with comments, and consider collaborating with the guest author for future projects. This not only strengthens your relationship with the author but also ensures that their audience becomes familiar with your Shopify store.

Conclusion: How to Negotiate Better Rates for Guest Posts on Shopify

If you’re looking to earn more revenue from your Shopify website, you can try publishing guest posts from third parties. To get the rates up you need to show that you have value to your website and contributors can expect a return. Use Blog Manager apps and analytics to find the value of your website and show why authors should use your website to publish your content.

  • How can influencer marketing impact the rates for guest posts on my Shopify store?

    Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the digital landscape. By collaborating with influencers, especially those relevant to your niche, you can leverage their audience to drive traffic to your Shopify store. This increased visibility and credibility can make your platform more appealing for guest post submissions. As your store gains more traction and recognition through influencer marketing, you’ll be in a stronger position to negotiate better rates for guest posts. It’s essential to choose influencers whose audience aligns with your target demographic to ensure maximum impact.

  • What are some advanced negotiation techniques to secure better guest post rates?

    Mastering the art of negotiation is crucial when discussing rates for guest posts. Some advanced techniques include understanding the other party’s motivations, being willing to walk away, and using silence as a strategy. By actively listening and asking open-ended questions, you can uncover the underlying needs of the potential guest poster. This knowledge allows you to position your offer in a way that addresses their concerns while still securing favorable terms for your Shopify store.

  • How can I determine the right price for a guest post on my Shopify store?

    Determining the right price involves several factors. Consider the guest author’s expertise, the potential reach of their content, and the average market rates for guest posts in your niche. It’s also essential to evaluate the potential return on investment, such as increased traffic or sales, that the guest post might bring to your store.

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