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How to Spot Great Dropshipping Products

How to Spot Great Dropshipping Products

Last modified: March 19, 2023

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The key to a successful dropshipping store is not the marketing. Marketing can just get traffic to your site. The key is great dropshipping products. Customers want to buy something they’re looking for and with the right products, marketing is simple.

So, how do you choose the best dropshipping products? Here are some ways that you can choose the best products when using AliExpress or Spocket.

1. Google Trends

The first thing to do is to look on Google Trends. This can tell you what the current trends are for searches within an area or globally. For instance, if people are using the term: ‘blue dog collars’ more frequently, then you know that blue dog collars are in demand at the moment. Therefore, you can add them to your store and sell them.

The advantage of dropshipping is that you can spot trends on Google Trends and have a product ready to be purchased that same day. Therefore, you’re never missing out on a trend.

2. Price Point

Another way to determine whether a product is any good for dropshipping is to look at the price point. Products should offer you at least a 40-60% profit margin. So a product that you charge $10 for should cost you no more $6 to buy from the merchant. The higher the profit margin, the better for your business. A product with a 60% profit margin is 50% more profitable than a 40% profit margin, assuming they’re the same price.

But always make sure that you’re setting the right price for your product. If other sellers are setting the price lower than your price, then you might find that no-one will be buying your product.

3. Reviews

Another key aspect is reviews on the product. Products with good reviews can offer you social proof and build trust with your audience. Therefore, you can gain more sales. Reviews from AliExpress can be imported into your store using apps like Vitals and more.

Look at reviews across the marketplaces too. A review set might be good on Amazon, but on eBay the product might have a bad reputation. And you might find there is an affiliate marketer or online review blog that has criticized the potential product.

4. Sales

AliExpress allows you to see how many units of a product have been sold. This is a great measure about how many you can expect to sell. If a product has been selling hundreds a month, then it might be a good product. However, if it has been sitting on the website for six months and has only a dozen sales, then there is little demand for that product.

That said, explore why a product might not have the sales. Are there bad reviews, is the price point too low?

5. Images

Be sure that you can build a strong set of content for your product. Write better product descriptions for your website and use the site’s images. These can be imported by Oberlo to make your site much easier.

Final Word: How to Spot Great Dropshipping Products

Spot the best dropshipping products by using a mixture of the methods above. These can help you promote products that can help you earn lots of money and have a successful business. Remember it can take at least 14 days to make your first sale.

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