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How Multipurpose Apps can help make your Shopify Store Better

Last modified: December 3, 2021

How Multipurpose Apps can help make your Shopify Store Better
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When it comes to apps on Shopify there are thousands to choose from. All apps have a specific function like adding countdown timers to your store, adding email marketing functions, popup functions and so on. All these apps are great when it comes to build a store, but sometimes it can be a headache.

That is why you might want to consider a multipurpose app for your Shopify store. A multipurpose app is one that has numerous functions embedded in it that can span numerous aspects of website management. For instance, they can email marketing, SEO, popups, countdown timers, gamification and more to them. There are several multipurpose apps out there. Vitals and Sales Rocket are two of the best.

You can also use a theme that sometimes have these aspects included in them. Booster is a classic example of a theme that has lots of functions added to it.

There are numerous benefits to using a multipurpose app on your store. Here are some of those benefits that detail how a multipurpose app can help you make your Shopify store better.

1. Less to Manage

It is easier to manage the subscription of one app against the subscription of dozens of apps. It is just one payment and team to deal with. If you’ve got a problem, you know which app developer to contact. When the subscription fee exits, you can determine which app it was.

Therefore, management of your site becomes far easier.

2. Less Costly

Having all your functions is going to be less costly than having your functions spread across several apps. Therefore, you can save lots of money. Those who developed Booster reckon that you can save about $2000 per year on app subscriptions using their theme alone.

This can be a significant benefit to those who are starting with a limited customer base but want a high-performing website.

3. Better Speed

Every app that gets installed onto your website increases the memory that is required to load your website into a browser. The more memory, the longer it takes to load. This can have a significant impact on your website’s performance with every second it takes to load costing you about 7% of your revenue. Therefore, one app will offer better performance over many apps.

However, if you have a multipurpose app that is underutilized, then you can negate this benefit. So be sure that you need the vast majority of the functions listed before investing.

Final Word: How Multipurpose Apps can help make your Shopify Store Better

Multipurpose apps are a great option for those that want to have top options for their site, but also a lower cost. However, there are downfalls. Multipurpose apps tend to be expensive and they might not have all the functions or the functions that you want. Therefore, you have to carefully consider which features you really want and whether a multipurpose app is the best for you.

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