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How to Make Year-Round Profits in a Seasonal Shopify Store

How to Make Year-Round Profits in a Seasonal Shopify Store

Last modified: December 13, 2022

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If you’ve got a Shopify website that sells seasonal products, then you might want to consider how you can make revenues across the year. A more steady income is better for your profits and cash flow.

Customers will generally spend money over the seasonal period that you’re connected to. However, some ways allow you to change some spending behaviors of your customers or earn money across the year. So here are some options to make year-round profits for your seasonal Shopify store.

Consider Selling Across the World

If your seasonal products are related to the weather or season, then you might be able to offer your products to the opposite side of the world when it is their bad season. For instance, the winter for the Northern hemisphere is summer for the southern hemisphere. You could sell to one audience when it is their winter/summer and to the other when it is their season.

This is effective and it can be a great way to concentrate your efforts. You can segment your audience to their specific time zones and this is easily done on Facebook as well.

Create Deals

During the off-season, you can use coupons or discounts to get bargain hunters to make purchases. This can be very effective at bringing in cash during the year but you will lose out on the profit margin for products. But it can also be a good way to build a good marketing list for selling to audiences when it is on-season.

Just be sure that you follow GDPR rules, by using an app like this one, to ensure you’re keeping the data right.


Some people get very excited about certain holidays and seasons. So you can offer pre-orders on your products if you would like. This can help you plan for demand and you can offer payment plans for those products that are high-ticket.

You can also use this as a way to promote your products by telling other customers how many pre-orders have been made. You can also sell more when it is the right season.

Final Word: How to Make Year-Round Profits in a Seasonal Shopify Store

When you have a seasonal product, you need to find a way to earn revenue throughout the year on Shopify. There are three options above. You can use one, two or all three to make your store more profitable for you. Which option will you use?

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