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Top 10 Shopify Auction Apps – [2023]

Last modified: July 4, 2022

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Auctions are a great way to sell some products on Shopify. Auctions are often associated with collectables, houses and other items that are limited in stock. When eBay started, most of the products sold on there were auctioned. And you can build the same sort of system on your store with one of the Shopify auction apps.

What Can Shopify Auction Apps Do For Your Store?

Shopify auction apps can help you build a strong business model where you can sell products which aren’t common to customers willing to pay a decent amount. It also allows you to maximize profits from sales as you can sell the product to the highest bidder, not someone looking for a discount.

You can also gamify your shop. This can increase the number of sales that are made on your store for other products, or just increase traffic on your site. In addition, you can build a strong following and marketplace. Some apps will also allow you to have vendors to hold auctions for their products.

However, some apps are directly Shopify auction apps. You can get visitors to make an offer on the product, but you will have to manually accept the winning bid, instead of automating the process. For some, who only want to auction off a few items, this might be okay. However, if you want to auction a lot of products; this might not be so useful.

Regardless, what are the top 10 Shopify auction apps you can use on your store?

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Make An Offer

Make An Offer

This easy-to-install app allows you to add a feature that allows visitors to make an offer on products on your site. It’s an app that requires no knowledge of coding or the help of a developer to install and make work on your site. The app works by using an exit intent popup on the cart page that shows when a customer has shown an interest in buying a product, but then goes to leave. The popup and button can be customized by you, therefore you can match branding and optimize the design for your store and conversions.

When open, the popup will allow any buyer to make an offer for the product. By using this app, you can encourage people to make a bid by a certain time and then the winner can have their bid accepted with everyone else’s bid rejected.

The good thing about this app is that it requires the customer to enter an email address. Therefore, even if they don’t have a winning bid, you can collect the email address for future use.

Another option, which is probably more suitable for auction sites, is to add a ‘make an offer’ button directly on the product page. This allows the customer to make a bid without going to the checkout page.

Make An Offer Highlights:

  • Customer can make an offer for the product directly on the product page.
  • Collect the email every time that someone attempts to make a bid on a product.
  • Free to install the app on your website.
  • No need to hire a developer or know any code to get this app onto your store.

Negotio - Make Your Offer Now

Negotio - Make Your Offer Now

This is a slightly different different app. It allows your visitors to make an offer on your products. You can set a range that accepts, but if you want to set a bidding process you can disable this process. You can also negotiate with bidders and offer a counter-proposal.

The bidders, when they make an offer, won’t have to enter their email address. This can increase the number of bidders you have and it helps to navigate legal complexities such as GDPR.

The app is easy to configure. There are settings in the dashboard you can play around with and start selling immediately. The Offer button is on all product page. When the user clicks on this, they can provide an offer.

Negotio – Make Your Offer Now Highlights:

  • Set a range that offers can be automatically created.
  • Manually accept and reject offers on your site.
  • Free to install, but additional charges apply.
  • No coding or developer skills needed.

Price it ‑ Make an offer

Price it ‑ Make an offer

This app allows you to operate manual auctions by getting customers to make an offer on your website. Then when you have a selection of offers on your site, you can select the highest bidder. The app is easy to install, and you don’t need any coding knowledge or the use of developer.

There are lots of customization rules that can be used with the app. This includes on the popup that can invite customers to make a bid. Plus, you can set reserve prices by adding rules that state what the lowest bid you’re willing to accept is.

Price it ‑ Make an offer Highlights:

  • A great free app that can help you add manual auctions to your site.
  • Add a reserve price by ensuring that only bids above a certain amount can be considered.
  • Encourage people to make a bid with the use of a customizable popup.
  • Easy to install and configure, no need to know any coding or use a developer.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Auction Apps

If you want to run an auction on your Shopify site, why not use one of these top Shopify auction apps. It can help you improve engagement on your website and perhaps even earn more from your sales. So which app will you choose?

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Shopify Auction Apps – [2023]”
  1. Maria says:

    Hi!! Does anyone know which app is capable of adding demands for a certain price? And set a price according to the units demanded (Price scale according to units).


  2. Jules says:

    Looking for an Auction app that can handle multiple vendors with a built in buyers premium and sellers commission.

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