11 Best Shopify Charity Donation Apps - [2024]
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11 Best Shopify Charity Donation Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 14, 2023

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Change Commerce ‑ Donation App
Change Commerce ‑ Donation App
Give & Grow Donations
Give & Grow Donations
Sales CountUp
Sales CountUp
Easy Donation
Easy Donation
Shop for Good
Shop for Good
Share The Love by W3
Share The Love by W3
Cart for a Cause
Cart for a Cause
EasyTree: Upsell + Charity
EasyTree: Upsell + Charity
Round Up for Charity
Round Up for Charity
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Running a charity can be a challenge, especially when it comes to fundraising. Luckily, there are lots of options when it comes to raising funds on a Shopify store. You could sell merchandising like buttons, t-shirts and other accessories or tickets to events like galas, and you can also request donations. Or, you could be a brand that is looking to support a charity through donations made on your store. Whatever path you’re taking, you should have one of the top Shopify charity donation apps.

What Will Shopify Charity Donation Apps Do?

Shopify Charity Donation Apps offer you a chance to collect a donation on behalf of yourself (if you’re a charity) or as a charity. Collecting donations for a charity can increase the conversion rate on your store, as people like to think that their purchase will help a good cause as well. It helps to make them feel more prideful of the purchase.

Research has found that 85% of customers will have a more positive attitude to brands when they support a brand. And 94% of consumers think brands should do more than just earn profit.

Adding a charity button to get customers to donate more can be a good way to raise awareness for less well known good causes. And this can be a good option for brands to show their caring nature.

There are many ways that this can be done. Some charity donations can be a simple popup that appears on the page at a random time asking for a donation. Other options include a round up or additional donation product within the cart page. The idea of some of these apps is that customers add just a few cents to the charity at a time and when you have dozens of customers do that a week, the amount donated to charity is a considerable amount.

Key Takeaways
Adding a charity donation option can enhance a brand’s image and demonstrate its commitment to social responsibility.
Various app features, like pop-ups or round-up options in the cart, make donating easy and effective.
Charity donation apps can also increase a store’s average order value while supporting charitable causes.

Best Shopify Charity Donation Apps – Here’s Our List:

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Sales CountUp

Sales CountUp

This app doesn’t take any donations from your customers, but it does allow you to count up and display the amount that you’ve donated to charity and good causes. This helps you to build social proof on your website and this can increase conversions and average order value. It also makes customers trust you more and helps with repeat customers.

The app also helps in other ways, so you can build a strong proof that your products are popular and useful by how many times they’ve been sold. This helps you to promote bestsellers on your website. Or you could show how much conservation you’ve participated in by displaying how many trees you’ve planted or saved.

You can customize the design of how the numbers are displayed on your website and you can add count up images, emojis and animations to make your pages more interactive. You can also display certain information for just a specific time or you can aggregate sales for multiple products.

Sales CountUp Highlights:

  • Showcase how much money you’ve donated to charity.
  • Build social proof and trust with your customers.
  • Customize the look of the output with custom messages and more.
  • Aggregate sales of products or only display count up data within a set time period.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Shopify Store with Charity Donations

Why Integrate Charity Donations?

Integrating charity donations into your Shopify store resonates with today’s conscious consumers. This demographic, growing in size and influence, prefers brands that align with their values.

By incorporating charity donations, your store not only contributes to societal good but also connects with these value-driven customers, enhancing brand loyalty and trust.

Streamlining Donations with Apps

Shopify Charity Donation Apps simplify the donation process, making it efficient and user-friendly.

These apps automate various steps like selecting causes, managing donations, and integrating them into your store, saving you time and resources.

Choosing the Right Donation App

Selecting the appropriate charity donation app for your Shopify store involves considering factors like app features, supported causes, and pricing.

The right app should align with your brand values, offer a range of features to engage customers, and fit within your budget, ensuring a harmonious integration with your business model.

Maximizing Impact and Engagement

Communicating Your Impact

Effectively communicating your charitable contributions to your customers is crucial. Utilize features like donation tracking widgets and customizable messages to transparently share the impact of your donations.

This not only builds trust but also encourages customer participation in your charitable initiatives.

Enhancing Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful tool in eCommerce. By showcasing your charitable efforts and the difference they make, you enhance your brand’s reputation.

This not only attracts more customers to your cause but also creates a community of conscious consumers around your brand.

Automating and Simplifying Donations

Automation in donation processing is a key feature of Shopify charity apps. It reduces administrative workload and ensures a smooth donation experience for both you and your customers.

Look for apps that offer automated payouts, customer donation options at checkout, and support for multiple causes to maximize the efficiency and reach of your charitable efforts.

Conclusion: Top 11 Shopify Charity Donation Apps

By using one of the Shopify charity donation apps above, you can improve your CSR and the perception of your brand. At the same time, it can be seen as a sign of trust with your brand and can result in more sales and higher order values. So, which app will you install?

  • What kind of support do Shopify charity donation app providers offer?

    Most Shopify charity donation app providers offer customer support, including setup assistance and troubleshooting. They ensure smooth operation and integration with your Shopify store.

  • How are donations processed and tracked in Shopify charity donation apps?

    Donations are processed securely through the app and are often tracked in real-time. Store owners can access detailed reports on donations made through their store.

  • How do I choose the right charity for my Shopify store?

    Choosing the right charity involves aligning with causes that resonate with your brand values and customer base. Research and select charities that reflect your brand’s mission and ethos.

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