How Shopify Session Recording Can Help You Succeed [2024]
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How Shopify Session Recording Can Help You Succeed

Last modified: October 19, 2023

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Want to know what your customers are doing on your website? Want to know where you’re leaking traffic and which pages are proving the most popular? Then you need to consider Shopify session recording to help you succeed and find out how to improve your website’s design and the sales processes on your website.

Key Takeaways
Shopify session recording captures visitor browsing, offering insights into behavior and interactions on your website.
Session recordings help in fixing bugs, understanding obstacles, and discovering reasons behind website exits to improve user experiences.
Utilizing session recording data supports making informed, data-based decisions to enhance website performance and increase revenues.

What Is Shopify Session Recording?

When marketers use the term ‘session recording’ they’re describing the process of recording the browsing sessions of visitors to a website. These sessions offer insights into the behavior of traffic that comes into the website including lots of great information that can be used for future marketing efforts.

The recordings are actual screen captures of what the visitor is seeing. It can show where the mouse is on a page, what they click on and how they scroll across your page. It doesn’t just show what pages they’re on and going to. It can also showcase how they got there. Did they use a call-to-action on a page or the top navigation bar?

The power of session recordings is immense. Business owners who utilize the information correctly can actually see improvements in revenues and profit. Those who are skilled with session recording can find out the following information:

  • Which pages customers are staying on the longest.
  • Entry pages and what the referring site was (i.e. Google, third-party, social media, etc.).
  • Exit pages.
  • High-bounce pages.
  • What elements are attracting the most attention.

This information can then be pushed to website design to improve content and results.

How Is Shopify Session Recording Achieved?

There are numerous Shopify apps that can be used by Shopify store owners in order to record the sessions of website visitors. Some of these apps, like Better Replay, are free and can offer you numerous benefits such as recording more than 5,000 sessions per month. Or you can opt for a premium app, like Journey View: Session Recorder, which allows you to see mouse movements, clicks and more.

These apps can be installed directly into your Shopify store and allow you more detailed information than you might get with other tools like Google Analytics.

What Information Do You Really Want To Have From Your Session Recording?

There’s a lot of information you can gleam from session recording that can help you improve your marketing. For instance, you can tell which pages customers are exiting from. This is important because there is something on this page that is telling customers that they don’t like your branding.

If you can identify high exit pages, then you make changes, either to the page’s design or to the content on there. You might need to add several elements to a page, like a new call-to-action or change images.

This can be challenging to know what is causing customers to exit. That is why you might need to test page variations with Shopify apps like Always Be Testing. When conducting a split test, be sure that you’re only testing one element at a time. You should also, always be testing something on your page; whether it is the color of your call-to-action buttons or the text used on the page.

You also need to think about the goals you want to get from testing. Don’t just test to get more sales. This can be good in the short-term, but it might be negative in the long-term. For instance, if you produce copy that creates a false impression that leads to sales, but also higher returns, there is an overall negative result.

However, you could create a landing page that helps to build your mailing list so you can operate more successful email marketing campaigns.

How You Can Use Shopify Session Recordings To Improve User Experiences

So, how can you use session recordings to improve user experiences? Well there are several ways that this can be done. Session recordings can also be used to improve conversions and increase revenues. Here are some of the top ways that you can use session recordings in your website design.

1. Empathize With Website Visitors

You probably have invested a lot of time into your website. With that comes a strong emotional tie, like pride, that can sometimes hinder website design improvements. However, while you like your website, your audience might feel very differently. That is why you need to be empathetic to your customers.

When you watch the replays of what people are doing on your website, you are living their shopping experience. This makes it more likely that you’ll become emotionally involved in their journey across your website, feeling the pains and joys as they traverse your site.

This is important, because if something is frustrating you, then it is likely to be frustrating your website visitors too. Therefore, you can discover what elements need to be changed to make it a more enjoyable experience.

2. See How Website Visitors Are Interacting With Your Website

It is important to know how your website visitors are interacting with your website. There might be elements on your site that they completely ignore, like contact forms, videos, product images, etc. that can be removed. This might have several benefits such as speeding up your website, which will improve SEO, or make your pages more converting.

At the same time, you can reposition elements on your page to give them more prominence or reduce their importance. This is great when you want to focus the attention of the audience to specific elements that are converting more visitors.

Another part of this is that you can move elements on the website to more prominence when people are missing important information.

3. Fix Bugs, Issues And Obstacles

You’ve probably spent hours on your website and are proud of it. But it doesn’t mean that your website is perfect. There are going to be issues with your site, and this could be something as simple as a bug or an obstacle that audiences fail to get past. By watching replays on what your audience are doing, you can see where these are.

Barriers, which are obstacles that prevent the visitor from progressing down the sales path, can be technical or content based. By watching the journeys audiences take, you can identify what your audience is stopping at, what the cause is and then find fixes for the problems.

For instance, you might find there is a broken link that connects your popup to a landing page or a slider to a product page. Find these, fix them and enjoy better conversions.

4. Discover The Reason Why People Are Exiting Your Website

Bounce rates are an important aspect to look at. This is why you should analyze these sessions very carefully. A bounce is when a visitor to your website has left your site after seeing just one page. You need to look at visitor behaviors on this to determine what caused them to bounce.

Concentrating on bounce rates is really important because high bounce rates can lower Google ranking. It can also be frustrating as it will affect your statistics.

Watch bouncing visitors to discover what they saw and why they turned off. Then find fixes for that.

5. Make Data Based Decisions

When changing your website, you need to make decisions. But it can be hard to know what to change when you have no data to back up decisions. That is why session recording can be very useful. You can use it to come up with data that can form decisions. Such as, if you notice that 39% of people who watched a video exit your site, the video would need to be changed.

Keep Reading

Things to Consider When Using Shopify Session Recording

Data Privacy and Security

Navigating the delicate balance between gathering insightful data and respecting user privacy is a core consideration. Store owners should ensure that sensitive information is anonymized.

Adherence to data protection regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, is essential to build trust and ensure legal compliance.

Quality of Insights

The value derived from session recordings is contingent on the quality of insights extracted. It’s crucial to focus on actionable data that can directly contribute to enhancing user experience and increasing conversions.

Avoiding data overload and focusing on key metrics is essential for effective analysis and implementation.

Technical Aspects

The technical implementation of session recording tools should be seamless to avoid impacting site performance.

Store owners need to consider the compatibility of these tools with their website’s infrastructure, ensuring that the recording and playback are efficient and do not hinder the user experience.

Benefits of Shopify Session Recording

Enhanced User Engagement

Shopify session recording is instrumental in understanding the intricate behaviors and preferences of online shoppers. By capturing real-time interactions, store owners gain insights into the elements that captivate and retain visitors’ attention.

This data is pivotal in making informed adjustments to the store’s design and functionality, ensuring it resonates with the audience’s expectations and preferences, leading to increased engagement and time spent on the store.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The ability to observe the customer’s journey provides an unprecedented opportunity to identify bottlenecks and obstacles in the conversion funnel.

Session recordings reveal areas where visitors hesitate or abandon their journey, offering actionable insights to streamline the navigation and checkout processes. By eliminating these barriers, stores can enhance the user experience, leading to increased conversions and revenue.

Insightful User Behavior Analytics

Shopify session recording transcends traditional analytics by offering a visual representation of users’ interactions with the store. Beyond numerical data, store owners can observe patterns, trends, and anomalies in user behavior.

This qualitative data is instrumental in making informed decisions that are not only based on what users do but also offer insights into why they do it, leading to a more personalized and intuitive shopping experience.

Optimizing Shopify Session Recording

Strategic Data Analysis

The effectiveness of Shopify session recording hinges on strategic data analysis. By employing advanced analytical tools and methodologies, store owners can dissect the voluminous data captured during sessions to extract actionable insights.

This process involves identifying patterns, anomalies, and trends that are instrumental in understanding user behavior and preferences.

Personalized User Experiences

Leveraging the insights gleaned from session recordings, store owners have the opportunity to create personalized shopping experiences.

By understanding the nuances of user interactions, preferences, and behaviors, it becomes feasible to tailor the store’s design, content, and navigation to align with individual user expectations, thereby enhancing engagement and satisfaction.

Continuous Optimization

Shopify session recording is not a one-off activity but a continuous process that supports ongoing optimization efforts. By regularly reviewing and analyzing session recordings, store owners can keep abreast of evolving user behaviors and preferences.

This continuous feedback loop is essential for making timely adjustments to the store’s design and functionality, ensuring it remains attuned to the dynamic needs of the online shopper.

Conclusion: How Shopify Session Recording Can Help You Succeed

Shopify session recording can be one element to help you succeed. It can allow you to see how users are behaving on your website and make decisions to improve your website, increase conversions, and grow revenues. How will you implement session recordings on your website?

  • How do I enable session recording on my Shopify store?

    Enabling session recording on Shopify involves integrating specific apps or tools designed for this purpose. Follow the app’s installation and configuration guidelines to customize and activate session recording, ensuring optimal data capture and insights.

  • How can Shopify store owners ensure data privacy while using session recording tools?

    Data privacy is paramount. Store owners can adhere to privacy regulations by anonymizing sensitive information and ensuring that data is stored securely. Consent for recording can be obtained from users to enhance transparency and trust.

  • How can session recordings contribute to improving the mobile shopping experience?

    Session recordings on mobile platforms offer insights into user behavior specific to mobile interfaces. Analyzing these recordings helps in optimizing mobile site design, improving touchpoint accessibility, and ensuring that the mobile shopping experience is intuitive and user-friendly.

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