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The Top 10 Shopify Header Bar Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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Running a Shopify store is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to create their own business. But to maximize the opportunity for your business, you need to build a website that converts. There are many aspects about how a website can improve conversions, and one area that is often missed out can be aided by one of the Shopify header bar apps.

What Are Shopify Header Bar Apps?

Shopify header bar apps are little pieces of content that are at the top of the loaded page that provide information. For some, this is information is about GDPR, for others it’s countdown timers, free shipping announcements or information about sales. The header bar could also be just a message to welcome people to your store.

These add personal touches to your website, but they can also be good at creating urgency, FOMO opportunities and even collecting personal information (i.e. subscribing them to a mailing list). As there are many ways to deploy a header bar, there are lots of Shopify header bar apps. So, here is a list of what we think are some of the best.

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Simple Header Bar

Simple Header Bar

This free app allows you to create a header bar to promote your holiday sales and free shipping easily. Unlike other free apps there’s no affiliate link, logo or limitations built inside the app that the customer can interact with. Therefore, you get a complete solution that allows you to build your business and grow revenues.

The app allows you to customize the header bar with changes to the background and text color, as well as text size and alignment. You can also make the header bar sticky. If you’ve got advanced HTML/CSS skills, you can edit the source code so you can have even more control of the design.

The app is completely responsive. The header bar will look good on any screen size, device or resolution.

Simple Header Bar Highlights:

  • Build urgency on your website with an announcement bar.
  • Customize many aspects of the header bar to make it fit your brand more carefully.
  • Can customize the apps code to make it more functional.
  • A free app to help you if your budget is tight.

Happy Store Header Bar

Happy Store Header Bar

This app is free to use and so is great for those who are on a tight budget. It allows you to showcase lots of information to audiences including offering free shipping when users spend over a certain amount, give free gifts when spending is over a specified amount and so much more.

There are no affiliate links, logos or restrictions on using this app, making it very worthwhile to consider. You can also customize the background as well as the text color. You can also readjust the text dimension as well as the positioning of the text and the size.

The bar can be made sticky, so it’s constantly visible on the page as the user scrolls down. And you can make your notification bar responsive, so it looks good on any screen. Finally, there’s also an HTML/CSS editor for those with the right skills to improve the functionality of the tool.

Happy Store Header Bar Highlights:

  • Lots of customization options to help you build the perfect header bar.
  • Can make the bar sticky to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.
  • An HTML/CSS editor for users.
  • A free app for your store, great for those on a tight budget.

Promotion & Free Shipping Bar

Promotion & Free Shipping Bar

When you use this app, you can add a Free Shipping Bar or Promotion Bar to the top of your Shopify site. This will alert customers to deals and offers to customers as soon as they land on your store. This helps to improve order values and conversions. The free shipping element can have minimum cart totals added on, so the announcement will let the customer know when this has been met.

There is an easy setup process for this app and the settings can be updated with ease. You can match the bar to your colors and fonts within seconds to match your site’s branding. There’s no need to know any coding or have developer skills with this app and you can be up and running within minutes.

Promotion & Free Shipping Bar Highlights:

  • Promote your offers, deals and free shipping for free with this app.
  • Match the bar’s appearance to your own branding within seconds thanks to a color select and font changer.
  • Can be used for several purposes.
  • Easy-to-use Shopify header bar app that doesn’t require developer skills.

Final Word: The Top 10 Shopify Header Bar Apps

Using one of the Shopify header bar apps can help you connect and communicate with audiences as they visit your site. You can inform them of the latest deals, news and free shipping opportunities. All of which help you build revenues and sell more on your store. So, which of the apps above will you use on your Store?

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