12 Best Shopify Product Customizer Apps - [2024]
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12 Best Shopify Product Customizer Apps – [2024]

Last modified: March 22, 2024

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One of the most interesting business models that you can use is the customization of products. Customers can customize anything, from clothing to mugs, to make unique gifts for friends and family. These can be highly valuable, and most laws state these products can’t be returned (unless damaged). Therefore, they can be a very profitable option for growing a business. There are lots of Shopify product customizer apps that can be used as well.

What can Shopify Product Customizer Apps do for your Business?

There are many ways that Shopify product customizer apps can help your business. For instance, you can sell customized products to customers on gift sites. Or, you can use it to offer customers a chance to tailor products for specific uses (like workwear). Shopify Product customizer apps could also be used for technology, like offering customers a chance to design their computer with different hardware, RAM or processing speed.

There are also different ways that apps can be integrated into your store. You could print your own products or integrate your store with a printer (print on demand) to improve customer experience. You might also have a free virtual preview option, this can give customers an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Key Takeaways
Top Shopify customizer apps offer responsive design, 2D/3D visuals, multi-language support, and conditional logic.
Advanced features like file uploads and swatch pickers boost customer engagement and sales.
Selecting the right app involves considering integration, support, and scalability.

Shopify Product Customizer Apps – Our Quick List:

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This app allows you to create personalization templates for any product you have on your store. You’re able to then showcase live, realistic previews for your customers, so they can see and personalise the products with parameters that you’ve set. Any order with customisations is ready for export with print, engrave or laser cut files to direct to your fulfilment team. You can also use this app with POD services to automate the process.

The app allows you to improve conversions and reduce abandoned carts as customers can get a realistic view of what they’re ordering. The live preview is excellent and you can cut costs with the smooth web 2 print features. There is also a way to deliver to your customers faster with more automation of ordering products from third party printers and fulfilment services.

Personalisation can be made with lots of elements including clipart, mix and match colors, patterns and more. There is also text, monograms and customers can also upload their own images. The design element is completely responsive, allowing customers to use whatever device they want as they customize your products for their specific needs.

Customily Highlights:

  • Live preview for audiences to see how their changes will look on your product.
  • Use lots of different elements on the products for unique, brand-centred content.
  • Improve delivery speeds with POD integration and automation.
  • All designs are ready for whatever fulfilment you need.



There are more than 250 products that have been brought together for you to add to your store and offer customers a chance to customize them. They’re all perfect for gifts and novelty items that are great for engaging customers and can be a useful way to build an ongoing relationship with customers by offering them birthday gift ideas and more. There are lots of printing locations, like the US, UK, China, Germany and Australia. This reduces the delivery speed of orders from your printers.

Designing products is very easy. There is a mockup generator that can preview the product before the customer completes the transaction. There’s a range of great products from t-shirts to hoodies. Therefore, you can create a fantastic range of products that customers will want to buy from you.

The app is great because it can also integrate with WooCommerce and Etsy. And you only pay when you have an order and fulfill it.

Printify Highlights:

  • Customers can view the unique product designs in an easy-to-use mockup generator.
  • There are printing partners across the world offering cost-effective printing and delivery for orders.
  • The app is easy to integrate with WooCommerce and Etsy.
  • Don’t worry about the delivery or manufacturing of the product, it is all taken care of.



JetPrint allows for your store to offer customized watches and more on your store. There are more than 50 types of watches that can be added to your store, alongside other options like tote bags, t-shirts, doormats and more. Therefore, you can have a substantial catalog on your store without too much effort.

JetPrint also allows you to request new products that they don’t currently stock. They can’t guarantee that it will be available, but they will try to add it. The company has a worldwide dropshipping network. Therefore, there is cost-effective printing and delivery. Orders can also be tracked from production to delivery. This can give customers a reassurance that isn’t always available.

JetPrint Highlights:

  • You can track up to 97% of your orders from production to delivery.
  • A wide range of products that are available to be customized and sold on your store.
  • See if they can deliver on new product lines with ease.
  • Only pay for the products that you order.

Best Custom Product Options

Best Custom Product Options

This app allows you to offer customized products on your store through numerous options. There are different ways that you can offer customization to customers, for instance using swatches, radio buttons, checkboxes, image uploads and custom text boxes. The styles for each option are professionally rendered, making them great for all brands. You can have, for instance, rounded corners, square corners or invisible buttons on your website for options.

The better your website is at offering customizations to your customers, the better their experience. This can lead to great profits and more sales.

The app is also really advanced. If certain combinations can’t be combined, then the app can hide these combinations. For example, if you can’t offer a red shirt in large when a customer selects red, the large option will disappear. You can also add price adjustments, so if a customer adds a custom image to the clothing item, you can charge more for the printing of the image.

The app is really easy to use and doesn’t require any knowledge to use.

Best Custom Product Options Highlights:

  • Use numerous customizable options to allow customers to create unique products.
  • There are lots of styling options for you to make the selections appear aesthetically pleasing.
  • Use the conditional logic systems within the app to sell only what you can offer by restricting customizations when others have been selected.
  • Charge more with certain customizations, so you can protect your profits.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Customer Experience with Shopify Product Customizer Apps

Understanding Product Customization

Product customization offers customers the ability to tailor products to their preferences.

This personal touch not only enhances the shopping experience but also fosters customer loyalty.

With a variety of Shopify apps available, businesses can easily integrate customization options, ranging from color and material choices to adding personal graphics.

Key Features of Customization Apps

The best Shopify product customizer apps come packed with features like responsive design, 2D and 3D visualization, multi-language support, and conditional logic.

These functionalities not only make the customization process seamless for customers but also simplify management for store owners.

Choosing the Right App

Selecting the perfect product customizer app requires considering factors like integration capabilities, customer support, pricing, scalability, and user interface.

It’s crucial to choose an app that aligns with your business needs and enhances your customers’ shopping experience.

Maximizing Sales with Shopify Product Customizer Apps

Benefits of Advanced Customization Features

Advanced customization features like file uploads, swatch pickers, and calendar date selectors enable customers to personalize products in intricate ways.

This not only boosts customer engagement but also increases the perceived value of products, leading to higher sales.

Impact on Business Operations

Implementing a robust product customizer app can streamline business operations.

Features like inventory tracking and dynamic pricing options help manage product variations efficiently, reducing the need for additional SKUs and simplifying the sales process.

Enhancing Global Reach

Some product customizer apps offer translation tools and multi-language support, making it easier for businesses to cater to a global audience.

This feature is particularly beneficial for stores aiming to expand their reach and tap into international markets.

Conclusion: Shopify Product Customizer Apps

Product customization is a great way to earn money on Shopify. The Shopify product customizer apps above are a great option when it comes to building a customization product line. Some allow you to build a catalog of great products, some others allow your customers to do so. There is so much choice, but what app are you going to install?

  • Can customers save their custom designs for future purchases?

    Yes, customers can save their custom designs in many Shopify product customizer apps. This feature allows for easy reordering and enhances the shopping experience.

  • Do product customizer apps provide analytics on customer preferences?

    Many product customizer apps offer analytics to track customer preferences. These insights help businesses tailor their offerings and marketing strategies more effectively.

  • How do product customizer apps impact the checkout process?

    Product customizer apps streamline the checkout process. They allow customers to review personalized choices before purchasing, reducing cart abandonment.

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