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Top 10 Shopify Product Description Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 13, 2023

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If you’re looking to improve conversion rates, then there are lots of areas you can concentrate on. Many people look at FOMO options, the price or the speed of the website. However, there are other ways in which you can improve conversions and better product descriptions are often missed out on. Which is why you need to consider using one of the many Shopify product descriptions apps available.

How Shopify Product Descriptions Apps Can Help You Sell More

There are two types of sellers online. Those who copy the descriptions of the product from the manufacturer and those who write the product description themselves. The problem with the former is that you can have a Google search penalty placed against you. This is more of a risk if you have a large catalog of products, all with copied descriptions.

In addition, the product description might not be optimized for your audience, might be written in ‘broken English’ or include branded content. This can affect the trust you have with customers.

The second way, writing it yourself, has a problem of not being salesy enough for customers to convert. Or your writing might be full of grammar/spelling mistakes.

A Shopify product description app can help you overcome some of these issues making your product descriptions better at converting audiences and improving revenues. There are numerous options to choose from, here is our list of the top 10 Shopify product description apps.

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Product Description Tabs & FAQ

Product Description Tabs & FAQ

This app allows you to have excellent product descriptions and FAQs to help convert visitors to your site. You can organize all your product descriptions into tabs and accordions in order to make your product pages look cleaner and more sophisticated. This can include having tabs for your technical specifications, FAQs, reviews, shipping and returns policy. These tabs are mobile-friendly and therefore can be seen on any device.

And if you have variants on your products, you can change the description on each variant. This can reflect differences in the product’s story or be more specific to the differences between the variants.

There are many ways that you can benefit from this app. This includes adding FAQ pages to your website, product reviews in a tab and more. And if you need to customize any tabs, you can do with the advanced CSS options.

The numerous options included with this app will make your website look cleaner, convert more visitors and help you rank on Google and other search engines. Plus you can avoid one of the main reasons why products are returned, inaccurate/incomplete product descriptions.

Product Description Tabs & FAQ Highlights:

  • Built for Shopify owners of any size store.
  • Add FAQ pages to your store.
  • Compatible with all themes and can be customized to work with made-to-order themes.
  • Helps to improve SEO.

Fashion Product Descriptions

Fashion Product Descriptions

One of the hardest product descriptions to write are for fashion products. What will appeal to one customer about fashion will not be the same as another. Plus you’ll have lots of varieties (like size, color and even leg cut) that can make creating fashion product descriptions hard. This app tries to offset the problems.

The first advantage of this app is that it is a free tool. There are no fees and you can create product descriptions for any catalog, regardless of size, without any charge. The AI of this tool is also fast. It can write the text for product descriptions using numerous sources within seconds. Therefore, it saves you time and allows you to focus on marketing or other activities.

The tool works by looking at your products’ images and titles and creating the product descriptions from there. The app is currently optimized for women’s dresses, tops, t-shirts and blouses. For the app to work, you need to have one of several words in the product title.

Fashion Product Descriptions Highlights:

  • Great for automatically creating product descriptions.
  • Specifically for fashion brands.
  • Free app.
  • Continuous improvements.

Final Word: Top 10 Shopify Product Description Apps

If you’re looking to make more sales from your current sales then you should look at your product descriptions. How they are written and presented make a significant difference to conversion rates and using Shopify product description apps can help you. Look at the 10 we’ve listed above and see how they can benefit your store. Which one will you install?

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