Tips for Selling Print-on-Demand Panties [Dec, 2023]
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Tips for Selling Print-on-Demand Panties [Dec, 2023]

Last modified: December 1, 2023

Tips for Selling Print-on-Demand Panties [Dec, 2023]
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Those who are looking to establish themselves as a print-on-demand clothes label might be thinking about all kinds of clothes. Print-on-demand panties from stores such as Printful and Printify can be a good way to ensure that you are covering underwear. There are a few other options you can use – check them out: best POD Shopify apps.

Selling print on demand panties on your website? Our top tips can help you increase your sales and success.

Key Takeaways
Offering a variety of designs caters to diverse customer preferences, increasing market reach.
Effective marketing is key; focus on benefits, not just features, to attract and retain customers.
Offering discounts can incentivize purchases and attract price-sensitive customers.

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Think of your SEO

The first thing to think about is the SEO of your website. It is unlikely that this product is going to be the main driving force of your website’s traffic. Search traffic for panties is relatively low and there is strong competition. However, you can consider what other words might be used for the product.

In addition, there are other ways that you can sell this item without having to advertise them.

Think of Cross-Selling

One of the more impressive ways that you can sell your products is through the use of cross-selling. You can create product bundles where you put several products like dresses, leggings, etc. together in a package that the customer can buy in a group.

Just don’t bundle the wrong products, like panties and a generic product like a photo book.

If you offer a discount on the products because the customer is buying them in a group, you can increase conversions. In addition, by adding products like the print on demand panties, you can add value to the product.

Lots of Designs

Be sure to create lots of designs. The more designs that you have for your products the more chance that you will have someone like your products and add one to the cart.

And with print on demand, there is no financial penalty for having lots of designs. You’re only charged for the product when the customer has made an order.

Marketing Success

Be sure that you’re getting all the right marketing behaviors behind your products. You should be advertising across multiple channels several times. For instance, be sure that you have social media, email marketing, blogging and push notifications going out regularly.

In addition, don’t forget that you want to have videos and images for your marketing. And you can even think of using influencers if you have the budget for that.


Be sure that you’re regularly offering discounts or sales to attract new customers to your stores. You can have sales that are available on special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Or you can offer discounts on a random day or week to make it more interesting.

One of the best ways to make sales with discounts is to have a flash sale. This is where the sale is suddenly available and only for a very short period of time.

Market Benefits not Features

One of the most important aspects about selling online is to showcase the benefits of your products not the features. Features don’t tell the customer why they should buy the product, only what they get, which doesn’t convert very much.

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Challenges and Solutions in Selling Print-on-Demand Panties

Navigating the Competitive Landscape

The print-on-demand panties market is saturated and highly competitive. Challenges arise in distinguishing a brand and its offerings amidst a sea of options.

However, by focusing on niche markets, offering unique, quality designs, and utilizing targeted marketing strategies and SEO optimization, reaching the desired audience can be done effectively.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a persistent challenge. Issues have arisen with consistency in material quality and print durability. The solution has been a rigorous vetting process for suppliers and regular quality checks.

By establishing strict quality standards and working closely with suppliers, the products meet and exceed customer expectations.

Fulfillment and Shipping

Timely fulfillment and shipping have been a hurdle, given the on-demand nature of the business. This can be mitigated by partnering with suppliers that have global fulfillment centers.

This strategy enables quick, reliable shipping, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Considerations for Selling Print-on-Demand Panties

Material and Comfort

Material selection is paramount. Comfort is a top priority for customers. Thus, the focus is on offering products made from soft, breathable, and durable materials.

Various sizes and fits have also been considered to cater to a diverse customer base, ensuring inclusivity in the product range.

Design Variety and Customization

Offering a variety of designs and customization options has been instrumental in attracting a wider audience.

Focus on trends, customer preferences, and feedback to continually update and diversify design offerings to ensure relevance and appeal.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Navigating legal and ethical considerations is crucial. Meticulous attention is given to ensuring that products and marketing practices adhere to legal standards and ethical norms. Transparency, respect, and responsibility are maintained to build a trustworthy and reputable brand.

Expanding Your Print-on-Demand Panty Business

Choosing the Right Print-on-Demand Supplier

Understanding the importance of selecting the right supplier for your print-on-demand panty business is key. A reliable supplier not only ensures quality but also aids in scaling your business efficiently.

Experiences have shown that considering factors like printing quality, shipping times, and branding options is essential.

Product Diversification

In our extensive experience, diversification has been a key growth driver.

Platforms like InterestPrint and ArtsAdd offer a wide range of styles, allowing businesses to cater to diverse customer preferences. Such platforms have been effectively used to expand product ranges and tap into new customer segments.

Branding and Personalization

Suppliers offering personalized labels and packaging have been instrumental in enhancing brand perception. The meticulous selection of partners who align with the branding philosophy ensures consistency and quality.

Technology Integration

In the digital era, integrating technology is not a choice but a necessity. Seamlessly integrate platforms like Shopify with print-on-demand services, automating processes and enhancing efficiency.

Suppliers with robust APIs and integrations have facilitated this seamless amalgamation, driving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Conclusion: Tips for Selling Print-on-Demand Panties

Above are the top 6 tips for selling print-on-demand panties. Use these tips to help grow your clothing print on demand business on Shopify more.

  • What are the shipping considerations for selling print on demand panties internationally?

    Consider shipping costs, delivery times, and international regulations when selling to customers abroad.

  • How can I create unique and attractive designs for print on demand panties?

    Consider trends, customer preferences, and use design tools or hire designers to create appealing designs.

  • How can I ensure customer satisfaction when selling print on demand panties?

    Focus on quality, customer service, and gather feedback to continuously improve your offerings.

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