10 Best Shopify Store Locator Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Store Locator Apps – [2024]

Last modified: November 28, 2023

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# Image Name
Store Locator Map by Secomapp
Store Locator Map by Secomapp
Store Pickup + Local Delivery
Store Pickup + Local Delivery
Stockist Store Locator
Stockist Store Locator
Map + Store Locator
Map + Store Locator
Store Locator by Storemapper
Store Locator by Storemapper
Closeby ‑ Store Locator
Closeby ‑ Store Locator
Bold Store Locator
Bold Store Locator
StoreRocket Store Locator
StoreRocket Store Locator
Find a Store
Find a Store
Store Locator ‑ Dealer Locator
Store Locator ‑ Dealer Locator
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Customers who aren’t used to visiting your physical stores might not know where you’re based. If they want to collect the order or visit your store to see the product themselves, they might want to know where the nearest store is. Therefore, if you own physical stores, you should be using one of the numerous Shopify store locator apps.

What can Shopify Store Locator Apps help with?

There are many ways that Shopify store locator apps can benefit a small business. For one, it allows you to get more foot traffic into your stores. This can help with increasing sales as you can cross-sell impulse buys at the checkouts of your store.

Likewise, it can help to promote trust with audiences. If they see that you have a high street location or another location with other retail, this can show that you’re a legitimate business.

Finally, the Shopify store locator apps can also help with click and collect orders. This style of purchasing has become very popular in recent years, with customers ordering online to collect the same day or another day in your store. They’re more likely to do this if they know where your store is. And, some apps can help with the whole click and collect system.

Key Takeaways
Effective Shopify Store Locator Apps enhance both online presence and in-store traffic.
Features in Shopify Store Locator Apps, like geolocation and language options, improve customer experience.
Choosing the right app involves balancing cost, features, and scalability to match business needs.

Shopify Store Locator Apps – Our Top Options:

Filter between free and paid

Closeby ‑ Store Locator

Closeby ‑ Store Locator

If you don’t have lots of locations, you can have a Shopify store locator app for free. This app allows you to set up your locator for free with five locations. The app offers an embeddable map widget for web and mobile browsers. For each location that you set up on your website, you can set specific details for the location such as open hours, images, phone numbers and more.

The app allows you to show all locations or the closest store via geolocation set by the user’s location. Or you can set a default map view, like that of your flagship store locator.

The app also allows you to add links for the delivery apps that service your area. This can include UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, etc.

To add uniqueness to your site, you can use custom font families, button text, linking and text that can override limited language options.

Closeby ‑ Store Locator Highlights:

  • Free for the first five locations that you have.
  • Displays your map on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Analytics to see what devices users are on and what they’re searching for.
  • Set default map view.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Your Store’s Visibility with Shopify Locator Apps

Optimizing Store Locator Features

Store locator apps not only guide customers to your physical locations but also enhance your online presence. By integrating advanced features like geolocation detection, these apps provide a personalized user experience.

They automatically detect user locations, saving time and improving convenience. Additionally, offering information in multiple languages can broaden your international customer base.

Boosting Online Marketing

Utilizing store locator apps can significantly amplify your digital marketing efforts. These apps help in capturing leads from store locator searches, integrating them into your sales funnel.

They also support enriched content, such as photos and videos, keeping customers engaged on your site and reducing the likelihood of them encountering competitor products.

Advanced Integration and Customization

Modern store locator apps offer flexibility in integration and customization. They can be easily integrated with popular sales and marketing tools, enhancing your digital presence.

Customizable templates and CSS styles allow you to align the store locator’s appearance with your brand, ensuring a consistent user experience across all platforms.

Choosing the Right Locator App for Your Shopify Store

Understanding Your Business Needs

It’s crucial to select a store locator app that aligns with your business goals and customer needs.

Whether you’re a small business or a rapidly growing enterprise, the right app should offer scalable solutions, from managing a handful of locations to handling hundreds of stores.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Many store locator apps offer a range of pricing options, from free versions suitable for startups to more advanced, paid versions for larger businesses.

It’s important to consider the cost-effectiveness of these apps, ensuring they provide the necessary features within your budget.

Maximizing Customer Reach

Choose a store locator app that maximizes your customer reach. Look for features like bulk data upload, customizable filters, and detailed analytics.

These features help in understanding customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Conclusion: 10 Best Shopify Store Locator Apps

If you have physical store locations, then you need to tell customers where they are and how to get there. By using one of the best Shopify store locator apps, you can get more foot traffic to your physical stores. Which of the apps will you install?

  • Are there options for promoting specific stores or events within the locator app?

    Yes, many locator apps offer promotional features, allowing stores or events to advertise within the app through banners, notifications, or sponsored listings, helping them reach a larger audience.

  • How do store locator apps handle store operating hours and holiday schedules?

    They do this by integrating with store databases or allowing store owners to update this information manually. Users can check the app for accurate and up-to-date store hours, including any special holiday hours or closures.

  • Can Shopify store locator apps integrate with social media platforms?

    Yes, it allows store owners to link their social profiles, share store locations, and enable users to check in or share their visits on social media, increasing visibility and engagement.

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