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Why Is My Shopify Store Not Converting?

Last modified: December 2, 2021

Why Is My Shopify Store Not Converting?
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Many first time business owners think that they will build a website and people will instantly buy off the store. Unfortunately this is not the case. There are millions of websites created every year and many of them will cease to exist within two or three years. This is because they’re not converting any traffic.

If you’re in that position and want to know why your Shopify store is not converting, then check out these possible reasons below.

Firstly, Do You Know Your Traffic Numbers?

The first thing to consider is whether or not you have the right levels of traffic for high enough conversions. The average conversion level for a website is between 1-2%. Some good websites can achieve conversions of about 5%, but this isn’t a significant improvement.

So, if you don’t have more than 100 visitors to your store per day, then you’re unlikely to get more than 1 sale a day. If you’re getting just 10 visitors a day to your website, then it will be looking at two to four sales per month.

If this is the case, and your traffic is too low, then you need to consider better marketing. Using a good SEO app and some good social media tactics are your best option.

If You Have The Traffic

If you have the traffic and your conversion rates are low (less than 2%) then you should be looking at ways to improve your traffic. There are numerous reasons why people don’t buy from a brand. And these are the problems you should be looking at resolving first. So, lets look at some of those options.

1. Site Speed

First of all, check your site’s speed. For every second it takes your website to load, you’ll lose about 7% of your revenue. Half of websites take between 6 and 10 seconds to load and a third take more than 10 seconds. Only 15% of websites take less than 5 seconds to load. So, first ensure that your website’s speed is optimized.

2. Shipping

One of the main reasons why customers abandon carts is because they had unexpected shipping costs. You can offer free shipping over a certain amount and have a shipping bar installed onto your shop. Or you can offer different shipping options that range in a fast, but more expensive option to a free but slower option.

3. Trust

Trust is measured in several ways for the audience and there are options for improving trust. Having trust badges added to your store is one option. Another is to have reviews added to your store, if you’re dropshipping and using Oberlo and/or AliExpress, you can import reviews from the sellers easily. Another factor that helps improve trust is live chat.

4. Design

A simple change of your design can improve conversions. You can change the position of a call-to-action button, its color or the text and you might find you have more orders. There are A/B test apps that can help you test what designs work best.

5. Price

Be sure that you’re not pricing yourself out of the market. This is really the last thing to consider as shoppers are willing to pay a little extra for good service and speedy delivery. However, if you’re charging 50% more than your competitors, you might be pricing yourself out of the market.

Final Word: Why Is My Shopify Store Not Converting?

There are numerous reasons why your Shopify store might not be converting. You just have to logically think about why that might be the case. To help you, why not use a screen recorder to monitor customer journeys to find out their exit points and what might be disrupting the purchasing journey.

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