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10 Good Apps for Shopify – [2023]

Last modified: June 4, 2023

10 Good Apps for Shopify – [2023]
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When you run a Shopify store you’ll want to make sure that you have helpful apps supporting the functioning of your website. It can be challenging to make sure your Shopify store stands out from the crowd and that you can attract customers and get them to return.

There are lots of options for you to increase your revenues, obviously increasing your sales is going to be your main aim and there are many ways to do so. From offering social proof to providing offers such as BOGO, upsells, and cross-sells etc there are lots of ways to increase order values. Other useful ways to increase order value are to add a shipping bar for example or sales notifications of when other costumes have made a purchase.

In this article, we showcase ten good apps for Shopify.

Why choose a Good App for Shopify?

There are many good apps available for Shopify that can support your Shopify website. We have a variety of apps for you to take a look at. There are security apps that can help you detect fraudulent activity on your website. Some of the apps can help you with automation such as email and social media posting to help free up your time.

Some apps offer a lot of different functions that can help with increasing sales with gamification like spin the wheel, upsells, cross-sells, bulk purchases, and shipping bars for example. Apps that help you collect reviews and collate them on your Shopify store are great for increasing social proof as are buttons.

For a good app, you’ll want it to be fast loading, to work well on all devices, and be optimized for search engines so it doesn’t slow down your website. You’ll either want an easy-to-use app or one that has customer support unless you have some knowledge of website design. Not all of the apps are free but many offer a free pricing option or even a free trial.

A good app will be customizable so it can be tailored to fit in with your branding. There might be a variety of templates or designs to choose from. You should be able to alter the parameters and locations of buttons for example and you must be able to A/B test to determine the best options for your Shopify store.

So, Which of These 10 Good Apps for Shopify Will You Choose?

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Sales Notification | Sales Pop

Sales Notification | Sales Pop

You can use this app to help you add urgency to your website by offering FOMO (fear of missing out) elements. You can achieve this by adding a notification when a customer enters a product into a cart. There’s also the option to add a visitor counter to show how popular your store is. This app can be customized to suit your brand in many ways.

Sales Notification | Sales Pop Highlights:

  • Increase sales on your website
  • Add FOMO elements to your store.
  • Can be customized to suit your brand.
  • Notifications when other customers add to the cart.

Final Word: 10 Good Apps for Shopify

In this article, we share ten good apps that will support your Shopify store. We have a mixture of apps from those that offer security functions to apps to help you with your marketing and sales. Which app will you use? Let us know in the comments.

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