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The 10 Best Shopify COD Apps – [2023]

Last modified: March 19, 2023

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Cash on delivery can be a great way to get customers to order from your business. It can also be a very traditional way to organize your business if you offer personalized services, offer takeaway food or are a taxi firm. To get this to work on your store you might need one of the best Shopify COD apps.

The Advantages of Using Shopify COD Apps

There are many advantages of using Shopify COD apps. For one, it allows you to take orders on your websites while giving customers the chance to select their payment method. This can build trust between you and the customer as well as grow your business in a local area. It also means that businesses that traditionally don’t have an online ordering aspect (like takeaways) can have one that allows for the customer to pay in cash on delivery.

Shopify COD apps are also easier to manage than having to manually have that option on your store. Some COD apps will ensure that you’re protected from fake/fraudulent activities that might make you lose money. In addition, your checkout area can be slightly altered so it is more applicable to cash on delivery.

Most of these apps are very flexible, and you can cancel app subscriptions at any time without penality.

So, what are the best Shopify COD apps available? Here is a selection of options for your store.

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Advanced Cash on Delivery

Advanced Cash on Delivery

This is the official app from Shopify for cash on-demand businesses that operate in India. It cannot be used outside of this area, but if you work in India and would like to accept cash on delivery, this is a great option.

The free app provides you with more control over how and when your customers can pay in cash for the goods and services that you sell. You can limit the locations where cash on delivery can be used and set a limit to how much orders have to be in order to accept the cash on delivery payment. To determine this you can load a CSV file to your store that can list the postal codes where you accept cash on delivery. Within the app dashboard, there is the option to set the limits for cash on delivery.

Advanced Cash on Delivery Highlights:

  • A free app for those who are on a tight budget.
  • Works only in India.
  • Set postal code limits where cash on delivery can be used.
  • Set a minimum and maximum spend for cash on delivery.

Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify COD Apps

When it comes to operating a business online, cash on delivery can still make sense. This is especially true in some niches like barbers, takeaways, taxi services and more. Therefore, you will need to use one of the best Shopify COD apps to ensure that you can take those orders without forcing the customers to enter payment details. Or you might need one of the apps to protect you from fraudulent activities, which are common with cash on delivery orders. So which of the 10 apps in the above list will you use?

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