10 Best Shopify Facebook Apps - [2024]
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10 Best Shopify Facebook Apps – [2024]

Last modified: October 26, 2023

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Google Ads & Google Shopping
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Advanced Google Shopping Feed
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Facebook Live Chat
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Facebook & Twitter Auto Poster
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Facebook Shop channel
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Facebook is a staple for many people across the world. More than half of people (53%) use Facebook every day, multiple times. Therefore, not connecting your store to Facebook in some form is really hurting the potential of your revenues.

Luckily there are several Shopify Facebook apps that you can use, from Facebook Messenger to offer live chat to Facebook news feeds.

What Benefits Are There To Using Shopify Facebook Apps?

There are numerous benefits you can get from using Shopify Facebook apps. They can help you communicate with customers better, market your products, and attract new audiences. Facebook also allows you to advertise on there, where you can gain new customers to targeted audiences.

In addition, audiences are more likely to trust those who have a strong Facebook presence than those without one. So, you should, at the very least, link your Shopify store to a Facebook page, which can be done with most themes.

Key Takeaways
Connecting your store to Facebook maximizes revenue potential.
Shopify Facebook apps enhance communication and market products.
Facebook allows targeted advertising to reach new customers.

Recommended Shopify Facebook Apps – Here’s Our List:

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Facebook & Twitter Auto Poster

Facebook & Twitter Auto Poster

While there’s often a lot of focus on the social login and the chat facilities that can be offered by Facebook, it is still important to regularly publish content on social media channels. This is often forgotten by busy eCommerce store owners and therefore they don’t attract the attention they deserve on channels like Facebook.

This app takes just two minutes to setup. Once setup and connected to your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) you can start publishing campaigns to your feeds automatically. The dashboard will show you a preview of what your post will look like, so you can approve it before you push it to your social networks.

In addition, you can schedule posts. This can include a random product being published at set times during the day. The random product can be anything from your store or any specific collection you have. And you can create a template text to use.

Facebook & Twitter Auto Poster Highlights:

  • Autopublish content to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Set specific times when random products can be published.
  • Doesn’t interfere with your current social media campaigns.
  • Free option available.

Facebook Shop channel

Facebook Shop channel

Give shoppers a way to discover your products on Facebook with this app developed by the same team that gave you Shopify. With this app you can create a Facebook Shop channel that is linked to your page. From there you can add products and manage them. All products can be shared and tag products in Facebook posts to grow awareness of your brand.

If you’re in the US and use Shopify Payments, you can let customers check out on Facebook, saving time for the customer. This can also help reduce the cart abandonment rate on your store.

You can track Facebook sales on your sales channel overview in the Shopify backend. This allows you to see how successful Facebook is.

Facebook Shop channel Highlights:

  • Sell on Facebook for free if you’re in the US.
  • Reduces cart abandonment.
  • Advertise your products on Facebook through sharing and tags.
  • Track all orders via your Shopify dashboard.
Keep Reading

Enhancing Shopify Experience with Facebook Apps

Unified Business Management

Streamline your online operations by managing Facebook and Instagram sales directly from Shopify. This integration means no more juggling between platforms, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Advanced Sales and Marketing Tools

Boost your sales with robust tools designed for precision. Promote your products effectively, ensuring they reach the right audience when they’re most receptive.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Offer customers an uninterrupted in-app shopping journey. From product discovery to checkout, ensure a hassle-free experience that encourages loyalty and repeat business.

Optimizing Your Store with Shopify Facebook Apps

Enhanced Customer Reach

Integrating Facebook apps with Shopify allows businesses to tap into a vast audience on social media platforms. By showcasing products directly on Facebook and Instagram, stores can attract a wider range of potential customers.

Streamlined Operations

Managing sales and inventory becomes more straightforward with the integration. Automatic product syncing ensures that product listings are consistent across platforms, reducing the manual effort required to update each platform individually.

Data-Driven Decisions

Shopify Facebook apps provide valuable insights into store performance on social media. By understanding customer behavior, preferences, and shopping patterns, businesses can make informed decisions to improve their offerings and marketing strategies.

Conclusion: Top 10 Shopify Facebook Apps

Facebook is one of the top social media channels in the world. As a result, there have been numerous Shopify Facebook apps developed for your store. You aren’t limited by the number of these you can use. Use the ones that you need to get your store engaging better with your audience and see better results. So which apps will you install?

  • How to Add Facebook Pixel to Shopify

    There are many ways that you can add a Facebook Pixel to your Shopify store. If you have the technical knowledge you can add the Facebook Pixel through the liquid files. However, if you don’t have the technical knowledge or time, this can be hard and is fraught with errors. Instead, you can use a Facebook app to help you.

  • How to Add Shopify to My Facebook Page

    When it comes to adding Shopify to your Facebook page you will need to do most of the work within Facebook. You will want to go to the Facebook shop and enter the Account area. Then you will want to tap connect account and follow the instructions. Facebook will then review your store within 48 hours.

  • How to Connect Shopify to Facebook

    There are numerous ways that your Shopify store can connect to Facebook and it depends on what you want to achieve for the best option. You can simply add in a URL to get customers to visit your Facebook business page. Or you can use a Facebook app to connect your store to Facebook for live chat via messenger or for advertising on Facebook.

  • How to Disconnect Facebook From Shopify

    If you don’t wish to have Facebook and Shopify to be connected any more you can go to your Shopify store and click on the settings option then find the ‘Sales Channels’ option. Then you can find the Facebook shop. All you need to do is to click on the ‘Trash Can’ button beside the Facebook shop. Then click on ‘Remove’ to confirm.

  • How to Advertise Shopify on Facebook

    By connecting your website to Facebook, you can perform all kinds of advertising for your store on Facebook. For instance, you can attract new customers through advertising, abandoned cart or retargeting with ease. Alternatively, you can also do cross-selling or advertise through Facebook Messenger. The opportunities are endless and it mostly depends on your objectives.

  • Did Facebook Buy Shopify?

    Facebook has not bought Shopify. Instead, they’ve partnered for since 2015 to help lots of small businesses make the most out of their business and earn more revenue. Therefore, there are lots of apps that have the official approval of Facebook to integrate Shopify and Facebook. And there are few barriers to entry to selling on Facebook.

  • How to Run Facebook Ads Shopify

    There are numerous ways to run Facebooks ads for your Shopify store. You can do it directly from your Facebook business page. But this can be time-consuming and you can’t see the results from your Shopify dashboard. There are several apps that can help you run adverts within Facebook with ease.

  • Does Shopify Integrate With Facebook?

    Shopify integrates perfectly with Facebook. There are many ways that this can be beneficial for your business. For instance, you can synchronize your Facebook and Shopify stores to have the right descriptions, images and prices. Or you can advertise your Shopify store through Facebook with ease.

  • How to Add Shopify Products to Facebook Shop

    There are numerous options when it comes to adding Shopify products to your Facebook shop. You can do this manually. This is very time consuming and can sometimes mean that you have errors. In addition, this doesn’t offer you synchronization between your Shopify and Facebook stores. Instead, you will need to use an app.

  • How to Get a Facebook Pixel for Shopify

    If you’re looking for a Facebook Pixel, this is something that you can do within the social media channel. It is free to get one but installing it on your website can be challenging. Therefore, you might want to consider hiring someone to install it or using one of the many Facebook apps on Shopify apps store to help you install it.

  • How to Remove Facebook Pixel From Shopify

    If you’re using an app from the Shopify app store, you can easily remove the Facebook Pixel from your website by removing the app. This is easy to do, but ensure that you’re not paying the subscription for the app any more. Otherwise, you might need to remove the Facebook Pixel from other options.

  • What Is Facebook Pixel on Shopify?

    The Facebook Pixel is a piece of tracking technology that records when a customer has been on a specific website or even the page they’ve been on. This is then used to help retarget the visitor when they visit their Facebook account again. It is simple and easy to use and doesn’t impact the performance of your website.

  • How to Add Facebook Messenger to Shopify

    Live Chat is one of the fundamental ways that you can add trust to your website. Those sites with live chat often have higher conversions and Facebook Messenger is a simple way to offer live chat on your website. There are numerous ways to add Facebook Messenger to Shopify, but using an app is usually the quickest method.

  • How to Advertise Shopify Store on Facebook

    One of the best ways that you can advertise Shopify store on Facebook is by using an app. Then you can use retargeting and abandoned cart adverts to improve your site’s performance on advertising. You can also use Facebook apps on Shopify to also create and manage adverts within the Shopify dashboard with ease.

  • Why Are My Shopify Products Unavailable on Facebook?

    There are numerous reasons why your Shopify products might be unavailable on Facebook. For instance, you might want to ensure that your Facebook page is published and using the Shopping template. You should also check that your Facebook shopping channel has no mistakes on it. These are the three main issues.

  • Are Shopify Ads on Facebook Legit?

    Yes. Shopify and Facebook have partnered since 2015 in order for Shopify users to create the best small businesses they can. Facebook has very strict publishing rules as well. All stores are verified before they’re allowed to connect to their page and adverts are also inspected before they’re published on Facebook.

  • How to Change Facebook Page on Shopify

    If you want to switch to a new Facebook page, for whatever reason, on your Shopify store, then you will need to disconnect your Facebook page from the online shopping area on Shopify and then reconnect to Facebook with the credentials of your new Facebook page. You will need to go through the verification process again.

  • How to Check if Facebook Pixel Is Working Shopify

    If you would like to check whether your Facebook pixel is working, you can go to your website and load any page. Then you should visit your ‘Pixel’s tab in the Ads Manager on Facebook. In the top right next to the details there is a little green dot and that says when the pixel was last active. There is also a Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome browser extension that can help you.

  • How do Shopify Facebook apps handle customer data?

    Shopify Facebook apps must adhere to both Shopify’s and Facebook’s data privacy policies. Ensure you review app permissions and privacy terms before installation.

  • How do I ensure the security of my Shopify store when integrating with Facebook apps?

    Always choose reputable and well-reviewed apps from the Shopify App Store. Regularly update apps and monitor permissions to ensure data security.

  • Can I integrate multiple Facebook pages with my Shopify store using Shopify Facebook apps?

    Typically, Shopify Facebook apps allow integration with one Facebook page at a time. However, some advanced apps might offer multi-page integration features.

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