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10 Best Shopify Candle Store Themes

Last modified: July 30, 2021

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Online sales have soared in the past couple of years and there is no doubt that this trend is going to continue. There are lots of people who are looking to buy gifts and more online for their loved ones. But this has also increased the competition among brands. Therefore, if you’re selling candles online, then you will want to have one of the best Shopify candle store themes available.

What are you Looking for when Searching Shopify Candle Store Themes

There are many features that make for good Shopify candle store themes. For one, as there is a lot of competition, you need to ensure that your website will rank highly on Google and other search engines. The top spot on Google can take 25-27% of the traffic from searches. However, those in the 10th position on Google page results will only have 2% of the traffic. If you’re below the third spot on the rankings, then you’re likely to have less than 5% of the traffic.

There are many ways that a site can be optimized for search engines. One of the most important ways is to have a website that loads fast. Speed is important for conversions as well. For every second that it takes for your website to load, you will lose about 7% of your revenue. Most websites take between 8 and 11 seconds to load. But many of the themes on this list take less than 4 seconds with some taking less than a second. That means by switching to one of these themes, some brands can double their revenue!

In addition, you want a theme that can convert much of the traffic to your site. A good conversion rate is between 3-5%. Anything below 1% is pretty low. There are many ways that you can improve conversions on your website. Some themes have ways to help with countdown timers, popups and more. Or you can view our list of ways that you can convert more of your traffic here.

Finally, you want to have a theme that can support your imagery. Customers can’t smell your candles, so they need to see what they look like. Good imagery can help sell products easily.

So with this in mind, what are the best Shopify candle store themes? Here is a list of our choices.

Filter between free and paid



Supply is a great free theme that was built for large catalogs, which is typical of those in the candle industry. It comes with numerous features allowing you to grow your business and therefore it is a great option for any brand trying on a budget. One feature you can benefit from is a collection filtering sidebar. Customers can filter products based on collection, brand, color, smell and price. You can also use other customizable options to change the filters.

You’re also able to use the slideshow options to display the best products you have. You’re also able to showcase your brand. This slider can be placed on your website’s homepage with ease or any other page if you need it there.

Supply Highlights:

  • This is a free theme that is perfect for anyone with a limited budget.
  • Can showcase your products on the homepage through the excellent slideshow.
  • Filter products through customizable options.
  • Is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and search engines.

Final Word: 10 Best Shopify Candle Store Themes

There are several Shopify candle store themes that you can use that can help you sell online. There are lots of choices to make and it will depend on your branding, tastes and what you want from the website to which option you choose. Look at the list above and choose the theme that is right for you.

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