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10 Best Shopify Omnichannel Apps – [2023]

Last modified: May 26, 2023

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Relying on just your Shopify website is not a great option when it comes to maximizing your sales online. There are so many different ways that you can market your business. That is why you need Shopify Omnichannel apps for your website.

What can Shopify Omnichannel Apps Help with?

Omnichannel is the process where all your channels are integrated as much as possible to give a streamlined, seamless experience to your audiences. And this is what Shopify omnichannel apps do for you. Essentially, they combine channels to create a better experience that leads to happier customers.

There are numerous apps available and they all have different functions. So here is a list of some of the best apps that you might want to use.

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This is a digital customer support platform that allows you to offer personalized support at scale. Data and AI are combined to power an engine behind the knowledge base, agent tools and administrative controls that you will gain access to when you install this app. Many large brands use this app on Shopify to help them offer unrivaled customer support.

When you install this app, you can unify your customer data, conversations, and support functions into a single customer-centric view and actionable workspace. Agents don’t need to leave their screens to see everything they need to provide better service to your customers.

You can then have conversations with customers between different channels like email, live chat, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp without having to leave a single dashboard. And the AI can help point the customers to the best agent for the role with its advanced suite of AI tools.

Kustomer Highlights:

  • Deliver a modern customer support experience that will impress guests to your website.
  • Used by some of the biggest brands on Shopify to deliver the best customer service.
  • Can use many different channels to offer customer support and use as a selling platform.
  • Easy to use for both website administrators as customer support agents.

Free 25+ Vital CX Apps

Free 25+ Vital CX Apps

This is a free to install app that allows you to manage lots of different marketing channels within one app. This can include your email and social media content. Other features within this app can help you sell more while visitors are on your website.

Some of the features that are included with this app include countdown timers, quick buy, product bundles and more. You can also send back in-store alerts via email with the help of this app.

The app also has store management aspects that allow you to reduce the time that you spend working on the backend of your store. Instead, you can spend your time bringing in new customers to sell to them.

Free 25+ Vital CX Apps Highlights:

  • Better management of your website, allowing you to spend more time on your marketing.
  • Improve your website marketing by managing several aspects from one dashboard.
  • Free to install, but additional charges may apply.
  • Easy to use and add elements to your website to make it a better converting tool.

Final Word: The 10 Best Shopify Omnichannel Apps

When it comes to selling online, you can’t just rely on one option. Therefore, you need to use the Shopify omnichannel apps to help you manage all your marketing, customer support and other aspects in one place. Which of the apps above will you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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